Cassava milling machine rasper for cassava starch processing machine

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Generally, for cassava deep processing, the first step is cassava crushing, and cassava milling machine function is for cassava crushing, after processed by cassava milling machine, we can get a cassava powder slurry, it's widely used for cassava starch extraction and cassava flour production, also can used for garri production.

Different with the traditional hammer type cassava crusher, DOING cassava milling machine can get a more fine crushing effect, for cassava starch extraction, it can fully destroy the cell wall and fibers, free starch entirely, then improve the starch yield, it's worth to say that our technology can make the cassava starch extraction rate more than 94%. For cassava starch/flour and garri production, Doing Company cassava milling machine can get a more delicate cassava powder, make the cassava starch/flour and garri taste better.


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