Fully automated Garri processing machine of Garri production line

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The Garri processing machine in the Garri production line is similar to the machines used in the cassava starch production line. However, because Garri and cassava starch are two different products, their standards and processing processes for production machines are not exactly the same.

The Garri production line can be divided into three stages preparation stage, processing stage, packaging stage.

garri making machineComplete Garriproduction process

Garri processing machine in the preparation stage

If you want to process cassava, you must first clean the cassava. There are two types of cassava cleaning machines in DOING. The first one is dry sieve, it is composed of multiple internal spiral structures, which continuously rotate at a reasonable speed to clean the impurities attached to the surface of the cassava. The other one is paddle washing machine, It adopts the working principle of countercurrent cleaning. Through the rotation of the blades, the cassava is pushed to move in the opposite direction of the water flow in the sink to achieve the purpose of further cleaning. Both of these cleaning machines have a high cleaning rate without damaging the cassava raw material.

After cleaning, peel the cassava. The cassava peeling machine is specially used to remove the skin and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava. The peeling rate of cassava peeling machine in DOING is very high, up to 95%. The skin is clean and the treatment capacity is large.

After the cassava raw material was processed by cassava processing machine in the preparation stage, the impurities were basically removed. Garri will be more pure after processing, and the taste will be better.

garri processing machineCassava cleaning process

Garri processing machine in the processing stage

Garri can be extracted from clean cassava raw materials through four steps grating, fermentation, dehydration and drying. Clean cassava is first grated into cassava pulp by grating machine. The cassava pulp was bagged and fermented for two to three days. After that, the fermented cassava pulp was dehydrated by the dewatering machine, and the cassava cake after dehydration was put into the fryer to dry. Finally, Garri was processed.

Processing stage includes three Garri processing machine. Grating machine is the use of high-speed rotating blade to crush cassava. Crush the cleaned cassava into cassava pulp. Dewatering machine uses the principle of hydraulic press to directly squeeze the water of material and discharge out of charging barrel. Garri fryer is a kind of equipment that can automatically stir fry and control the temperature by itself. Heating is fast and uniform, and paste pot phenomenon can be avoided.

After the clean cassava is processed, the Garri is extracted. In the whole process, the mechanical parts contacting materials are made of stainless steel, which ensures the hygiene of the production process and the purity of Garri.

garri processing machineCassava processing machine

Garri processing machine in the packaging stage

In order to be more precise, the finished product garri should be sieve by the vibration sieve after drying in the fryer before bagging. Vibration sieve is equipped with a variety of different mesh screen mesh to separate different particles and powder materials continuously. It not only has high performance and low noise but also can operate continuously. Packaging machine is the last machine in Garri production line. It includes four parts feeding machine, automatic weighing machine, conveying device and sewing device. It is used for quantitative packaging of cassava powder.

The Garri processing machine in the whole Garri production line are highly automated. It has low energy consumption and high production efficiency. DOING is a professional machinery supplier, undertaking many large-scale engineering and technical service projects at home and abroad. We not only have professional design and research team, experienced installation and debugging team, but also has advanced technology and perfect equipment manufacturing capacity.

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