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Cassava flour production line introduction:

Cassava is one of the most important cash crops in the world. Nigeria is a big producer of cassava. Cassava roots can be processed into a variety of products. Including cassava flour, cassava starch, garri and other cassava products.

Different with cassava starch which is extracted from the cassava root, cassava flour is made from the entire cassava root. High quality cassava flour is an unfermented, smooth, odourless, white flour.Cassava flour is a very important ingredient in production of bread in Africa. Henan Doing Machinery is professional in manufacturing the complete set equipment for cassava flour production line. DOING cassava flour production line is full automatic from washing and peeling fresh cassava until get the final dry cassava flour and packing flour into bags.

cassava flour production lineCassava flour production

DOING large capacity cassava flour production line process:

Technical process:

Fresh cassava - Cassava cleaning and peeling - Milling - Dewatering -  Drying - Sieving - Final cassava flour

Machine order:

Dry sieve - Paddle washer - Cassava peeler - Crusher(hammer mill) -  Plate and frame filter press - Vibration sieve - Airflow flash dryer

cassava flour production lineCassava flour production line

The complete cassava flour production line is composed of 6 process section as below:

1. Cassava cleaning and washing section:
Loose dirt, sand, and gravel are removed in cleaning and washing section in cassava flour production line. It will need some machine working together, include the cassava dry sieve and paddle washing machine.

2. Cassava peeling section:
Cassava peeling machine in cassava flour production line will reomove the cassava outter peel and inner peel for producing high quality cassava flour.

3. Cassava milling section:
Cassava milling machine will mill the peeled cassava into small particles for processing the cassava flour .

cassava flour production lineMachine used in cassava flour production line

4. Pressing dewatering section:

Plate frame filter press is adopted in large scale cassava flour production line for dewatering, to remove the water from cassava mash as much as possible.

5. Cassava flour drying setion:

The special designed of cassava flour flash dryer will drying the wet cassava flour two times for complete drying the outter and inner of cassava flour in cassava flour production line.

Doing Company cassava flour drying machine is special designed with low temperature. It can also be used to dry the high moisture content material.

6. Cassava flour sieving and packing section:

The cassava flour after drying will be sieved to separate the large particles to make sure the fineness of final cassava flour. The large particles will be milled again by fine milling machine to minimun the loss of the production .

Above all, this is the complete cassava flour production line.

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