The processing of the small cassava production equipment

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In this video, you can see the processing of the small cassava production equipment.

Small cassava processing equipment mainly includes a cassava peeler and cassava grinding machine. Cassava peeler's function is to peeled the two skins pf cassava in garri, cassava flour and other cassava processing line. Cassava grinding machine is used to grind cassava to pellets for better garri processing. These cassava production equipments is simple to operate, and easy to install and maintain, making it ideal for small cassava processing plants.

In this video, the cassava peeler removes the skin from the cassava, which is then broken into particles by the cassava grinding machine. The cassava grinding machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is not only not easy to rust, but also better guarantees the quality and taste of the product.

If you have enough cassava to process, you can consider investing in cassava processing equipment. It's low cost but can get a relatively high profit. Henan Jinrui company has a complete set of cassava processing equipment and can provide you with equipment customization services, and there is special personnel to serve you within 24 hours.

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