Key points you need to know about cassava flour processing

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According to research, cassava flour act as one of the healthy best substitute for wheat flour in many regions. Moreover, cassava flour price is lower than wheat flour, more and more people want to have their own cassava flour processing business. So what key points you need yo know about cassava flour processing?

1. How to process cassava flour?

cassava flour processingCassava flour processing

In common, there are two methods to produce cassava flour, one is dry processing method, which you will cut cassava into chips, dry it and grind it finally; the other is wet processing technology, which you grind cassava firstly, and dry cassava milk finally. But the people who use cassava flour for making bread or bakery food are willing to adopt wet method in order that you can get high quality cassava flour.

2. What are the cassava flour processing machines?

The cassava flour processing machine in Henan Doing Holding-Henan Jinrui adopts wet processing technology to produce cassava flour. The cassava flour processing machine can be divided into three parts: cleaning section, processing section and drying section.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine

Main equipment:

Cleaning section: Feeding hopper, belt conveyor, dry sieve, paddle washer, peeling machine.

Processing section: Cutting machine, rasper, de-sander, filter press machine.

Drying section: Flash dryer, sieving machine, packaging machine.

If you want to learn more information about cassava flour production process, pls feel free to contact with Henan Jinrui.

3. What are the price of cassava flour processing machines?

cassava flour processCassava flour process

If you want to start your cassava flour processing business, you must wonder about the cassava flour machine price. In common, the capacity you want and machine configuration etc will influence the final machine price. If you only want to build smallest one first, the price will be cheaper about USD50000 from peeling to sieving, which is more suitable for new starter. If you want to make it bigger and more automatic, the price will be different according to your budget. If you want to learn more details about cassava flour line price, pls contact with Henan Jinrui, the project manager will service for you timely and considerately.

Henan Jinrui Food Company have made many projects in many countries, they also have installation team in abroad, so they have professional team and worry-free after-sales service. If you want to set up your cassava flour processing business, you can leave message to them and tell your contact number, they can provide you with service to your satisfaction.

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