American customers order garri processing machines from Jinrui again

Enterprise news / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2022-09-02

On August 30, 2022, American customers purchased garri processing machines again. This time, the customer purchased two garri fryers and one forklift for garri processing.

The customer previously purchased a complete set of 2TPH garri processing machines from Jinrui Company. Currently, the customer is installing his garri processing machine under the guidance of Jinrui Company.

garri processing machine garri fryerGarri fryers and one forklift

During the installation process, the customer stated that the local garri market is huge and he wanted to increase the production efficiency based on the existing garri processing machine to get more profit. Therefore, Jinrui suggested that he could add two more garri fryers and one forklift to test the effect, and then increase the production if the project is feasible. Because Jinrui Company is very responsive to customers during the whole garri processing project and solves customers' problems on time. So the customers trust Jinrui Company very much. After getting the quotation, the customer paid without hesitation.

At present, most of the customer's garri processing project has been installed, and the newly purchased garri fryers and forklift will arrive in Nigeria soon. Jinrui sincerely hopes that the customer's garri processing machine can bring considerable profit to the customer.

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