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Cassava, along with potato and sweet potato, is the top three potato crops in the world. Due to its high annual output (more than 100 million tons), cassava is considered to be an important crops in the tropical and subtropical areas. Among the main deep processing products of cassava, cassava starch is the most widely used. Cassava starch is beneficial to many industries due to its features of high past viscosity, high clarity and high freeze-thaw stability.  

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch extraction machine

Here are the introduction of mainly used cassava starch extraction machine:

1. Raw material pretreatment machine

Cleaning and washing machine: Dry sieve is the extensively used cassava starch extraction machine for cleaning which adopts horizontal internal spiral to remove attached sundries of cassava. Meanwhile, the material moves forward under the thrust of the screw. The paddle washing machine adopts the principle of countercurrent washing, which has good cleaning effect and low material breaking rate, which is beneficial to the extraction of starch.

2. Starch extraction and refining machine

a) Rasper: At present, rasper is the common used cassava starch extraction machine for grating which has the greatest effect on the extraction rate of starch.  The rasper is independently developed and designed by Doing Company. It is widely used in the crushing process of cassava, potato and sweet potato starch production whose main function is to destroy the fiber structure so that starch particles can be freed.  

cassava starch extraction machinecassava crushing machine

Advantages of DOING rasper:

This cassava starch extraction machine runs smoothly, the rotary drum has been verified by dynamic balance.

The bearing are imported from Sweden which ensures long bearing life and has advanced performance.

Germany Optibelt is adopted for rasper which is wear resistance.

Cassava starch extraction machine is small in size, beautiful in shape, light in weight, easy to move, easy in operation and safe in operation.

It is free from vibration, low noise, stable in performance, clean in health, low in loss, high in efficiency and accurate in fineness.

The contact material parts of this cassava starch extraction machine are made of stainless steel and conform to hygiene standards.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch separation machine

b) Centrifugal sieve: Centrifugal sieve is a cassava starch extraction machine for fiber separation by principle of high speed centrifugal force. Combined with the fine fiber sieve, it can thoroughly separate the fiber and the residue by 5-stage reversal flow cleaning.

Features of DOING centrifugal sieve:

This cassava starch extraction machine features with high precision dynamic balance, stainless steel screen and high efficiency.

The countercurrent washing method is adopted to improve the washing effect and save water.

Both of equipment are equipped with automatic front and back washing system, so that the screen penetration can be ensured.

The contact material part is made of stainless steel, which ensures material free from pollution, ensures the quality of starch, and meets the hygiene requirements of food grade.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch drying machine

c) Hydrocyclon station: After desanding, the starch slurry is injected into the hydrocyclon station through the starch pump for concentration and refining. This cassava starch extraction machine is mainly used for washing, refining and concentration of cassava starch pulp.

Features of hydrocyclon station:

The whole system integrates various functions such as concentration, recovery, washing and separation which is simple in process, stable and reliable in product quality.

The hydrocyclon tube is made of reinforced nylon material with high strength and good wear resistance. The structure of the cassava starch extraction machine is simulated by computer and the effect of separation is good.

Adopt single hydrocyclone combination system, easy to replace, cost saving.

3. Starch dewatering and drying machine

Peeler centrifuge is a cassava starch extraction machine with continuous operation and intermittent operation. Its control mode can be automatic control or manual control. Its has the characteristics of short single cycle time, large capacity, and filter residue is relatively dry and good washing effect.

And flash dryer is for drying process which takes use of high speed hot air to dry starch for desired quality. The whole system of this cassava starch extraction machine is in the state of negative pressure, free of dust and energy saving.


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