How to make garri? What garri processing machines are needed?

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How to make garri? Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui answers this question for you. Garri is made from cassava. The complete process of making cassava into garri is: cleaning and removing impurities on the surface of cassava, grinding clean cassava into cassava pulp, fermenting the cassava pulp, dehydrating the cassava pulp, grinding the dehydrated cassava flour cake into cassava powder and frying the cassava powder.

Next, Henan Jinrui will introduce you the details of making garri and what garri processing machines are needed in the process of making garri.

The first is cleaning and removing impurities on the surface of cassava.

Because the less impurity content of cassava, the better the quality of garri, it is very important to thoroughly clean and remove impurities on the surface of cassava. In this step, you need to use cassava cleaning machine and peeling machine to clean the cassava. Cassava cleaning machine and peeling machine that Henan Jinrui can provide you are: dry sieve, paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine. After double cleaning the cassava by dry sieve and paddle washing machine, the cassava peeling machine removes the cassava peel, and the peeling rate of cassava can reach more than 95%. Processing by these three machines, the impurities on the surface of the cassava are almost completely removed.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine and clean cassava

The second is grinding clean cassava into cassava pulp.

Fully grinding cassava is more conducive to subsequent fermentation. Therefore, Henan Jinrui match the cassava cutting machine and rasper machine for you. The cassava cutting machine first cuts the cassava into sections, and then grinds the cassava sections with rasper machine. These two cassava processing machines cooperate with each other to fully grind cassava into cassava pulp, and the grinding speed is fast.

Next is fermenting the cassava pulp.

Since the cassava is fully ground, the cassava pulp only needs to be fermented for two to three days for subsequent processing.

The fourth is dehydrating the cassava pulp.

To make garri from the fermented cassava pulp, it must be dehydrated. In the dehydration step, you can use hydraulic press. The hydraulic press uses the principle of hydraulic pressure to drain the water in the cassava pulp. It uses hydraulic system and reliable electronic control system to ensure the dehydration effect and operational speed. Therefore, the dehydration efficiency is high and the dehydration effect is good.

garri making machineHydraulic press used in garri production

The fifth is grinding the dehydrated cassava flour cake into powder.

The cassava pulp becomes lumpy cassava flour cake after dehydration. Therefore, you need to use hammer mill to grind the cassava flour cake into powder. The cassava powder will be more easily fried.

Finally, frying the cassava powder.

Frying cassava powder is crucial step in the process of making garri. Because the frying process will affect the taste and color of garri. Henan Jinrui recommends garri fryer for you. Garri fryer can quickly heat up, evenly stir-fry the cassava powder, and and finally pour out garri by turning the pot. Therefore, the finished garri will not stick to the pot and taste good.

garri making machineStainless steel garri fryer for frying garri

The above is the detailed steps and the garri processing machines in the process of making garri. Henan Jinrui is a professional garri making machine supplier. Our garri making machine not only has high processing speed but also produces garri with good taste. If you have plans to start making garri, you can contact Henan Jinrui. Our project manager will match you with efficient garri making machine according to your needs.

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