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In the processing of potato starch, potato starch extraction machine not only affects starch extraction rate, but also plays a vital role in starch quality. Doing Company complete set of potato starch extraction machine has a novel concept, compact structure and small footprint. From the cleaning, grating and separation of fresh potatoes to dehydration and drying the whole process operate automatically, especially the multi-stage filteration and multi-stage refining and washing unit, the transmission mechanism is reasonably configured, the system layout is simple and compact, saving space and facilitating operation and maintenance.

potato starch extraction machinePotato starch extraction machine

a. Potato cleaning machine

Fresh potatoes are first cleaned by dry sieve. The central axis of dry sieve drives the auger to rotate and transports the potato upwards in the axial direction, and at the same time cleaning purpose is achieved by relying on the friction between the potato pieces and the friction between potato and the auger. The potato starch extraction machine is mainly used to remove hard and large particle impurities such as stones, sand and dirt, and has high-efficiency cleaning and lifting functions.

b. Potato grating machine

The grating machine is a key potato starch extraction machine. It is mainly used for grating potatoes to destroy potatoes cell to obtain as much as starch possible. The higher of the equipment efficient, the higher starch extraction rate, therefore the higher starch yield. On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, Doing Company has developed the latest high-efficiency grating machine according to the characteristics of potato, sweet potato raw materials. The device has the characteristics of large power, high rotation speed, fast saw blade replacement, uniform grating of materials, high starch detachment rate, grating coefficient of up to 95%, novel shape and compact structure.

potato starch extraction machinePotato grating machine

c. Starch centrifugal sieve

The washing and filteration of potato dregs during potato starch processing generally uses a multi-stage countercurrent centrifugal sieve. The potato starch extraction machine can be used in combination with multiple units, and has the advantages of large processing capacity, small power, stable operation, high filteration rate of the potato residue, and easy installation. It can realize automatic control of washing water pressure, washing time and washing amount, and achieves good filteration effect in practical application.

d. Hydrocyclone station

The washing and concentrating of the starch is carried out by means of a starch hydrocyclone, which is divided into a concentration cyclone, washing cyclone and refining cyclone. After filteration, the starch slurry passes through a concentration cyclone, the bottom flow enters the washing and refining cyclone, and finally reaches the product quality requirements. This potato starch extraction machine is used to automate the process of concentration, washing, refining and recovering of starch, and separate some proteins, fine fibers and soluble impurities to improve the quality of starch.

potato starch extraction machineCentrifugal sieve

e. Desander

The sand remover is a matching potato starch extraction machine for starch processing. It can be used to produce high-purity white starch. It is an indispensable equipment for producing high-quality starch.

f. Vacuum dehydrator

Vacuum filter is a extensively used potato starch extraction machine. The starch dehydration rate is high, the maximum vacuum of the machine can reach -0.08MPa, and the starch dehydration effect is better, which is convenient for the next step. By using suction filtration, it can improve the purity of starch compared to other dehydration methods.

potato starch extraction machineStarch drying machine

g. Air flow dryer

Used for wet starch drying. The potato starch extraction machine is convenient to operate, and the unit processes of drying, pulverizing, sieving, conveying, etc. are jointly operated in the airflow drying system. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, small volume, large production capacity, low investment and maintenance cost.

h. Strarch packaging machine

This packaging machine are used for quantitative packaging of powdered materials such as flour, starch, feed, and chemicals.

potato starch extraction machineStarch packing machine

Potato is an important raw material for starch processing. Only a small number of potatoes are used for fresh potato consumption, the rest are processed into potato food and food ingredients, used for animal feeding, reused as seed tubers or processed into starch for industrial and other purposes. Due to the wide application of potato starch in textile, petroleum exploitation, feed and food industries, especially the development of international and domestic food markets, the demand for high-precision potato starch has soared. In addition, potato starch has the irreplaceable natural properties of other starches, making it the first choice for starch deep processing industry at home and abroad, with broad sales and promising market prospects. If you are interested in potato starch processing and potato starch extraction machine, welcome to contact us.

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