Potato starch making machine produced by Doing Company has different configurations according to the selection of the flow parts and the support, the size of the output, and the quality of the starch. It has the characteristics of a novel structure, convenient operation, stable operation, continuous work, fast adjustment, high efficiency and energy saving.

potato starchPotato & potato starch

The content of potato starch generally accounts for 15-26% of the proportion of moist potato, soluble sugar accounts for 3%, and cellulose accounts for 0.5%. It is determined that 100g of fresh potato contains 0.2g of fat, 0.9g of inorganic salt and 1.31mg of carotene. Vitamin C 30mg, vitamin B1 0.04mg, niacin 0.5mg, in addition, it also contains yellow pigment, red pigment and browning phenolic compound, and is rich in raw pectin. If fresh potatoes are not processed in time, the water will decrease during storage, and the original pectin will become soluble pectin, which will cause serious loss of mold and rot, and will decompose starch into dextrin, disaccharide and monosaccharide, causing the starch content to drop sharply and harvest. It should be addressed in time. Therefore, potato starch making machine came into being.

In the vast rural starch processing, the prominent problem is that processing technology. Production equipment is relatively backward, and starch quality is poor. Because the mud and sand of potato chips and starch are not thoroughly cleaned, the interval between pulverization and separation is long, and the water quality is such that the starch is “sputum, black, and miscellaneous”, and the powder extraction rate is low. The new potato starch making machine is the tool to be adapted to the development of this era.

potato starch making machinePotato washing machine

At present, there are not many large-scale mechanized potato starch processing plant in China. Most of the factories use backward open processes, manual operations or partially mechanized operations. Therefore, there are simple equipment, unshaped, unsuitable, and low powder collection rate (50- 60%), inadequate sanitary conditions, small output, large amount of labor, and poor comprehensive utilization. In order to ensure that better use of China's abundant potato resources and shorten the gap with foreign excellent production technology, our company has successfully developed a new generation of potato starch making machine.

Potato starch making machine mainly includes: Dry sieve for potao cleaning - rotary washing machine for potao washing - rasper for potao starch extraction- centrifuge sieve for potato starch and slag separation - desander for sand removal - hydrocyclone station for concentration, purification and washing of starch slurry - vacuum filter for dewatering starch milk - flash dryer for drying starch

potato starch making machinePotato starch making machine

The potato starch making machine made by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company has following characteristics:

1. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful appearance and compact layout;

2. Potato starch making machine covers small area;

3. Use fewer people, less labor intensive, high degree of automation, one-stop production from washing potato to dry;

4. Low energy consumption, water saving, power saving, and low processing cost;

5. High extraction rate: potato starch making machine for cleaning is a squirrel cage which ensures that the potato are not damaged and the starch is not lost;

6. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance;

7. The quality of starch made by potato starch making machine is high, reaching the national food grade standard (four levels of sand removal, secondary filtration, secondary purification);

8. Multi-functional, applicable to: starch production of potato, sweet potato, plantain, cassava, lotus root, etc..

potato starch making plantPotato starch making plant for installation

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company is a professional manufacturer of potato starch making machine. It has a long history of production and the starch production process is constantly updated. It can process fresh potatoes 3tons to 30 tons per hour and the starch production is 1 ton to 6 tons per hour. In addition,

Doing Company has the ability to manufacture, install and commission completes sets of potato starch making machine. It is in charge of training the staff's operating technology, helping the project implementation and starting the market, enabling the user project to develop smoothly and win huge profits.

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