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In developed countries, the potato industry is mature enough, the downward extension of the industry chain is more complete, the proportion of consumption is relatively low, which means the proportion of processing is high. While in developing states, potato as the raw material is usually applied to eat and feed. The potato processing industry chain is long, so the machine used for preparation of starch from potato is advanced.

Potato can be processed into starch and flour, and the potato starch can be utilized in frozen food, puffed food, condiment and other food industries. The content of starch in potato is 9% to 20%. It is really an ideal raw material for starch making, to guarantee high starch yield, the machine used for preparation of starch from potato is important, and it's proud to tell you that our starch extraction technology can make the starch yield more than 94%.

potato cleaning machine

Potato cleaning machine

The machine used for preparation of starch from potato is independently developed by our company, and the advanced preparation of starch from potato process includes cleaning and washing section, crushing section, screening section, concentrating section and dewatering section, drying section.

Section one: Cleaning and washing

Dry sieve and rotary drum washer can effectively remove small sand and stone, the peel of potato will be handled at the same time. The section also can be carried out manually.

Section two: Crushing section

The rasper be used for ultra fine crushing of potato tissue cells, which is made of stainless steel. The used for preparation of starch from the potato has the characteristics of large drum diameter and effectively destroying the cell tissue.

starch hydrocyclone

Section three: Screening section

Centrifuge sieve is employed to separate pulp for preparation of starch from potato. Its structure features include: the unique internal and external cleaning nozzle structure can effectively preventing the sieve from blocking and ensuring the long-term continuous operation of the equipment; the special sealing structure of the transmission box ensures the ideal seal between the sieve and the discharging room. The SKF bearing is sealed in the machine used for preparation of starch from potatoes. Besides, the double face seal bearing does not require extra lubrication in the whole production process.

potato starch production process

Potato starch production process

Section four: Concentrating section

The Hydrocyclone unit is utilized for continuous separation, concentration and washing of potato starch. The shell and tube sheet of the whole swirling station is made of 304 stainless steel. With less manual operation and stable working pressure, the machine used for preparation of starch from potato is high efficiency and low water consumption. In addition, PLC centralized control can be achieved.

The machine gets the advantages of light vibration, low noise, continuous separation, stability and low power consumption. It's a good choice for preparation of starch from potato as your select.

potato starch machine supplier

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Section five: Dewatering section

The vacuum dewater is suitable for dehydration of starch after potato washing. The machine is a stainless steel and the drum has no tube structure, with stainless steel filter cloth and a unique external high pressure water spray cleaning device, which is fast and convenient and difficult to clog. The operation is convenient and the operation is smooth for preparation of starch from potato.

Section six:Drying section

The purpose of the flash dryer is to dry the wet starch after the potato starch production line is dehydrated. The machine can achieve instant drying effect, raw material retention time is brief. Special cyclone recovery device ensures minimum starch loss after drying. The machine used for preparation of starch from potato ensures the good quality of potato starch product.

Iterm  Name and model Unit Quantity Power
First Clean machine
1 Water power convey groove      
2 Cleaning machine Ⅰ-dry sieve Set 1 3
3 Cleaning machine Ⅱ-drum washer Set 1 1.5
4 Potato cleaning convey machine Set 1 3
Second Extraction and refining section
1 Extrusion-milling machine(rasper ) Set 1 30
2 Centrifuge sieve Set 2 3
3 Fine fiber sieve Set 1 1
4 Desanding machine Set 1 3
5 Hydrocyclone Group 13 66.5
6 Automatic vacuum dryer Set 1 14
7 Conveyor Set 1 3
8 Interim tank      
Third Dry section
1 Air dryer Set 1 28
2 Radiator Set 1  
3 Starch screen Set 1  
4 Distribution Cabinet Set 1  
5 A ton of boiler Set 1  
Fourth Aid machine
1 Power line      
2 Packing machine  Set 1  
3 Pipelined and pump/motor      
4 Non-standard parts and other materials      

Include the main machines used for preparation of starch from potato, just as a reference, the detail production plan and machine adopted of potato starch, you can discuss with our engineer.

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