High extraction rate affection of potato starch based on the security of the raw material, potato starch factory for sale adopts the most advanced Hydrocyclone unit, completely automatically-controlled and closed process. The particle separation technology of vortex flow process of the potato starch factory has two aspects of benefits, on the one hand, to ensure high purity due to particles according to the proportion of the grading purification products, on the other hand, if the starch using high quality pure water washing process can further ensure high viscosity of products.

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch processing machine

The complete sealing process of our potato starch factory for sale effectively guarantees the color and microbiological indexes of potato starch.

First of all, the product purity and ash content are superior to the products of other potato starch factory through five stages of cleaning, shock separation and multistage sand removal. Secondly, the technology of flash evaporation and low temperature pulse drying is adopted in order to reduce the shear and damage of starch granule. The air flow drying front ended to adopt multi-stage air filtration equipment to improve product purity. In the screening process, the screening technology adopts the food grade 100 mesh steel vibration screen, and the control of product foreign matter is guaranteed. In addition, the metal detector is used to detect extraneous matters to ensure the control of metal products.

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch refining machine

The section of de-sanding is necessary for potato starch factory for sale. According to the principle of specific gravity separation, the starch emulsion is pumped into the swirling flow by the pressure pump, and the bottom flow is sand removed, and the principal stream flows through the slurry to achieve the purpose of sand removal. Through this link, not only can be the fine sand and other impurities are removed, but also the disc separator can be protected. The function of separation is to separate protein and impurities from starch milk, so as to attain the purpose of washing, refining and concentrating starch milk.

Besides, the flash drying system has an essential role in potato starch factory. Our newly designed flash dryer is a newest type of dryer developed by our factory on the basis of introducing and absorbing advanced technology from abroad.

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch drying machine

The flash dryer has three basic characteristics.
1. Dry strength: Because of the high speed of air flow, the material is well dispersed in the gas phase, and the whole surface of the material can be used as an effective area. Therefore, the restricted area of drying is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and collision effects during drying, the drying heat transfer process is very intense.
2. Short drying time: In the potato starch factory, the contact time of the material and the air is very sharp, the drying time is generally in 0.5-5 seconds, and the heat sensitive or low melting point material will not cause overheating or decomposition.
3. High thermal efficiency: air drying with material and gas to flow operating systems, from beginning to end, the material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state, so that the drying time is short and high efficiency.

Doing Company as a professional potato starch equipment manufacturer, we have over 20 years' experience for designing and manufacturing potato starch processing equipment and we can help customer build potato starch factory according to requirement and budget. We can provide a complete set of turnkey project for potato starch factory construction.

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