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The starch processing industry takes potato, sweet potato, cassava and other starchy crops as the raw material to extract high quality starch. Potato as an important starch raw material has to go through many processes to finally get edible starch. In the process, the potato starch processing equipment has an important influence to the quality of the final potato starch.

Here is the detail introduction of the potato starch processing equipment:

Potato starch processing equipment

Potato starch processing equipment

1. Cleaning and washing equipment: After the potatoes are transported to the workshop, the cleaning and washing work should be carried out by potato starch processing equipment in order to avoid affecting the normal operation of the processing section and product quality. In the cleaning process, the damage of potatoes should be reduced to avoid unnecessary loss of starch. Doing Company use dry sieve and rotary washing machine for the cleaning and washing process which can meet the technical requirements of high efficiency and low consumption.

2. Grinding equipment: Grinding machine is a key potato starch processing equipment. It is mainly used to grind potato into potato slurry so as to release potato starch from potato. Doing Company has developed a high efficient potato starch processing equipment for grinding on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. The equipment is called rasper which has the characteristics of high power, high speed, fine material grinding, high starch extraction rate and high grinding coefficient.


Grinding equipment for potato crushing

3. Potato starch separating equipment: The separation of potato slurry in the process of potato starch processing are generally carried out by multistage centrifugal sieve. This potato starch processing equipment can be used in multiple units, with the advantages of large capacity, small power, stable operation, easy installation and so on. It can effectively remove the fibers out of starch slurry. And fine fiber sieve is also used for separating whose main purpose is to further remove fine fibers from starch slurry.

4. Potato starch concentration and refining equipment: Potato starch concentration and refining depend on starch cyclone, which is divided into concentrated cyclone and refining cyclone. After separating, the starch slurry first passes through the concentrated cyclone, and the bottom flow enters the washing and refining cyclone, and after multi-stage hydrocyclone process, the starch meets the quality requirements of the product. The equipment is equipped with a complete set of automatic control system and adopts high-quality swirl tube and optimized drainage scheme which is an ideal choice for potato starch processing equipment.

potato starch production equipment

Hydrocyclone unit

5. Potato starch dewatering equipment: The vacuum filter is adopted for starch slurry dewatering. This potato starch processing equipment also has washing effect in the dewatering process. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, good dewatering effect, convenient installation and stable operation. Automatic feeding, automatic dewatering and automatic cleaning can be realized. It is the most ideal starch dewatering equipment.

6. Potato starch drying and packing equipment: Flash dryer is the widely used potato starch processing equipment for drying. The negative pressure flash dryer uses the high speed flow of hot air to suspend the wet starch and dry the wet starch in the process of air flows. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Then the potato starch is packed by semi-automatic packing machine for marketing.

potato starch packing machine

Automatic starch packing equipment

Doing company as a professional potato starch processing equipment manufacturer, developed and designed high efficient, economic and  reliable equipment. It can effectively achieve the effect of good fineness and whiteness of potato starch. Should you any interest in the potato starch processing machine, welcome to consult our engineer.

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